Oil Change and Filter: The most important service for vehicle engine longevity is an Oil and Filter change. Carbon build up and particles from natural internal component wear are causes for dirt and debris in your oil. When the oil filter can no longer contain the debris and the oil viscosity breaks down from infrequent service your engine is at risk for damage. Be sure to schedule maintenance at the recommended intervals.

Tune Ups: Engine tune ups are not like they were years ago. Every make and model has different service intervals for various components. We can help you be sure that everything from minor to major is checked over before problems arise so that you have peace of mind and your vehicle is running in perfect order.


Check Engine Light: Have a check engne light on? Reading a code is easy, but in many cases getting to the root of the problem is much more than that. When a code is set in your vehicles computer the cause an be related to another problem that has not presented itself quite so obviously. This is often called the domino effect. Don't guess when it comes down to it, bring your vehicle in for proper diagnostics.

Electrical Systems: Did you know that in most modern vehicles, more than 1 mile of wire makes up the complex on board electrical system. Diagnosing and repairing these systems requires in depth knowledge and experience across all makes and models. Let us help you get your vehicle diagnosed quickly and precisely the first time.


Engine: Mechanical components in an engine have evolved over the years. The addition of turbochargers, electronic fuel delivery systems, start/stop idle features are much more common now. Those components have complex and precise moving parts which mean mean more wear and faster failure. We can repair or replace any classic or modern failed components in a timely manner.

Transmission: Transmission issues can often begin with very minor sensations you can feel while driving. These problems can get worse quickly and it is best to have your vehicle checked whenever an issue is suspected. We can determine if there are manufacturer defects, required software updates, fluid level concerns and more.

Road Handling

Brakes: Your braking system is quite possibly the most important system in your vehicle. Brake noise, pedal pulsation and brake fade are indicators that your stopping distance is extended and you need service. Our staff know that not all brake pads and rotors are equal in quality. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure that the right components are installed to meet ot exceed OE specifications. Keeping you safe on the road is our priority.

Suspension: Is your car bouncing, creaking, clunking, sitting on the floor or handling terribly? We can help! Bad suspension components are a major cause of serious accidents on the road. Let us help you maintain your suspension for optimum ride and handling performance.

Tires: Your tires are just as important as your brakes! Without good traction, your vehicle will take longer to stop and can slip and slide on changing road surfaces. A great quality tire, specifically designed for your vehicle is what we will provide you. There will be no question of safety where the rubber meets the road!